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Originated design for mono-block die body, UV layer distributed evenly.
Avoid leakage happening because of split die body.
Easy maintainance.
Male inside have air distributary system, divide the cavity into several zones, control air volume independently, ensure even air distribution in a short time.
Flexible and fine adjustment on both upper and lower lips, the tolerance of the wall thickness within ±3%.
Internal heating bars work independently in separated zones, temperature tolerance within ±1℃.
With the economic UV function,PC+UV co-extrusion feedblock and a special structured male, make UV layer evenly cover on the product surface.
PC hollow profile die can be used for 4-25mm thick , 2100mm wide product, the multilayer product thickness can reach 80mm.
PPhollow profile thickness and width range bewteen 2-12mm and 1200-3000mm.\Flow channel surface polishing precision at 0.01-0.02μm.
Male tooling precision can reach 0.04-0.05μm,special non-sticking treatment applies to each rib

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