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JinCheng Mould
Fast Open Lip Die
PC Hollow Profile Die
Automatic die
Foam sheet die
Precise rotating filter
Melt gear pump
Single-pillar hydraulic screen changer with double working position
Double- plate hydrulic screen changer with double working position
Double working position hydrualic screen changer of double ¨Cpillar type
Manual screen changer
Automatic continuous band screen changer
Feed block
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About us

The China Jing Cheng Times Group, originally established in 1996, has a registered capital of  108 million RMB. Its main products include flat extrusion dies, coextrusion feed blocks, metering pump, filters and related products. (By far more than ten thousand sets of die have been exported to all parts of the world).

Combining R&D;, manufacturing with service, China Jing Cheng Times has made ¡®creating value for customers¡¯ as its tenet and sincerely provides customers with comprehensive product solutions and quality service. Our products have been exported to more than twenty countries and regions, such as Europe, Japan, the United States, the Middle East and so on. We have also establish a long-standing and stable friendship and cooperation with Rumsfeld and Barton, GE (China), Mitsubishi, Mitsui and other global brands of first class. In Beijing, HongKong, Japan, Germany, Switzerland and other regions, we have set up international service centers and formed strategic alliances with Mitsui and Magdalena, thus meeting the multiple needs of clients around the world, laying a solid foundation for the consolidation of the group¡¯s global industry value chain.

Main products: dies and accessories for extruding cover plates, chips and films, including automatic adjustment dies, plate/chip/film extrusion dies, manifold coextrusion dies, hollow profile dies, fast opening flat die, multi-layer coextrusion feed blocks, melt metering gear pumps, fast screen changers (manual/auto), automatic band filters, static mixers, internal/external die width adjusters, etc.

Application fields: our products are widely used for producing highly apparent plates, light guide plates, foamed plates, hollow sunlight boards, cleaning ware panels, aluminum-plastic composite panels, window films, waterproof coils, special floor coverings, chip materials for stationery, flat films, embossed films, coating films, breathable films as well as packing materials used in the food, clothing and medical industries.
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