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Jing Cheng claimed great success on Chinaplas 2009

Time: 2009-06-30     From:JCtimes    Author: JCtimes    Clicks: 51

On May 21, 2009 the four-day 23rd China International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber Industries, Chinaplas 2009 successfully came to an end at the Pazhou Complex Guangzhou. More than 1,900 exhibitors took part in the exhibition, and the large exhibitor team included representatives from Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, China, China Taiwan Province, United Kingdom as well as the United States. The exhibition attracted over 74,000 professional audiences and established the best platform for the communication of trade, technology and market information among the industry of plastics and rubber. It also created numerous business opportunities. It is not only the big event of the plastics and rubber industry, but it injects vitality to all industries in the shadow of the financial crisis.

Jing Cheng’s booth, over 140 square meters large, was filled with new products including automatic die, hollow die, fast opening die and a range of extrusion machinery products. Our precision rotary filter made its debut at this exhibition and attracted wide attention from clients both at home and abroad with its new concepts of design and sophisticated manufacturing technology. Another highlight at the exhibition was the display of polishing technology of high-precision. Its mirror polishing effect of 0.01μm won unanimous recognition and praise from domestic clients and brother companies. The advanced technology and perfect polishing effect demonstrates Jing Cheng’s strength of R&D as well as manufacturing and our commitment to innovation and development.

New and regular clients visited Jing Cheng’s booth at the exhibition and we received clients of over 200 enterprises of both domestic and abroad. Some regular clients placed purchasing orders at the site and our total volume of orders amounted to nearly 20 million RMB in as short as four days. At the same time, many new clients exchanged idea with Jing Cheng, seeking common ground in the market and launching comprehensive market cooperation. Our clients’ recognized  the efforts made by Jing Cheng and motivated Jing Cheng’s further development as well.

Our success at the exhibition is the outcome of Jing Cheng’s deep understanding of clients demands, as we listen to client requirements. During the exhibition, Jing Cheng had a dedicated staff collected client advice on company, products, service network and technology and so on. The success of one exhibition is often determined by details that may have failed to be noticed by the company itself. And these details are requirements of our clients upon us. The exchange and communication at the exhibition enabled us to realize our deficiencies and prepared us to better serve our clients and market.

As a leading enterprise of flat extrusion die manufacturer, and after taking part in many well-known exhibitions both at home and abroad, we are deeply aware that the benchmark of the market to assess an enterprise is still the professional field of products technology. In 2009, Jing Cheng will invest more attention and capital on the R&D and innovation of products and technology and we have great confidence to fulfill this goal ahead of schedule in 2009.

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